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In this blog post, the Codingtank Ltd team has looked to explain the different types of web hosting we make available to website operators around the Tunbridge Wells area. While each will store your website and allow it to be accessed online, they exhibit different characteristics and have different capabilities. Understanding which will best suit your needs is important…

Different Types of Web Hosting Explained

Shared Hosting – The cheapest option you have available is shared web hosting. This sees your website placed on a server which will also host anywhere from hundreds to thousands of other websites. By pooling together resources, companies looking for entry-level hosting can minimise the associated cost.


While many of our Tunbridge Wells clients find shared hosting perfectly suited to their needs, there are a few drawbacks. Firstly, shared servers don’t often deal well with sustained periods of heavy traffic, nor sudden traffic spikes. You’ll also lack root access, and should a website you’re sharing hosting with suffer significant issues, you may see your own website begin to perform sub optimally.


VPS Hosting – VPS stands for virtual private server. While this system is similar to shared hosting, it involves dividing up servers into virtual servers, each of which is dedicated to an individual website. This doesn’t mean you gain all the benefits that come with investing in dedicated server hosting (as you’re still sharing hardware), but it does mean you’ll have root access to your own virtual space, and therefore have more control at server level. Tunbridge Wells clients who are still a way off of investing in a dedicated server and who aren’t too concerned with regular high traffic spikes, should definitely consider the benefits of VPS hosting.


Dedicated Server Hosting – To have complete control over your hosting there’s only one way to go – a fully dedicated server. Your website will be the only one stored on it, meaning you won’t be in anyway impacted by the performance of other websites sharing space with you. Likewise, you’ll have root access and be able to deal with high levels of traffic, should the server you select be powerful enough to meet your requirements.


Tunbridge Wells clients who want maximum security, control and performance are naturally drawn to dedicated server hosting. However, it is far and away the most expensive option out there. The mantra of “you get what you pay for” certainly applies.


Cloud Hosting – A more recent innovation is cloud hosting. This involves a group of servers working together to host a number of websites. A big advantage that comes with cloud hosting is that it can deal with traffic spikes and extended periods of high traffic, as the different servers connected together can collectively shoulder the burden and allocate memory to the website in question.


Drawbacks include: many cloud setups won’t offer root access and some are quite expensive. Despite these points, we’ve noticed cloud hosting becoming an increasingly popular solution among Tunbridge Wells clients over recent years.

Email Hosting

Another service we offer is private email hosting. This will deliver you a private, personalised company email address and ensure that all the contents of your communications are secure and backed up, away from prying eyes. While public email hosting with websites like Gmail or Live can work for many Tunbridge Wells companies when they’re first starting out, as your business begins to scale, you’ll see why private email hosting is so crucial.


Your internal communications will be more reliable and speedier, while external communications will look all the more professional (an @gmail address is often off-putting to clients, as it looks amateur).

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