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In this latest blog post, Codingtank Ltd explains the key differences in the hosting services it has available for clients in Tunbridge Wells and the South East area. While each type of hosting stores your website and allows online access for visitors, they all exhibit their own characteristics and have different capabilities. Understanding which one will best suit your needs is important, and it makes sense to only make a decision with the right information.


There is also email hosting to consider, a similar yet separate service that adds a more professional online profile to any business. Codingtank Ltd offers hosting services to local clients in Tunbridge Wells, Sevenoaks and Portsmouth, and also to businesses across the UK.


Here, we explain some of the hosting options we have available:


Shared Hosting

Our cheapest option is shared web hosting. This sees your website placed on a server which will also host other websites. By pooling their resources together, companies looking for an entry-level hosting solution can minimise the associated costs. While many of our Tunbridge Wells and UK clients find shared hosting suits their needs, there are a few drawbacks.


Firstly, shared servers don’t deal well with sustained periods of heavy traffic or sudden traffic spikes. You’ll also lack root access and, should another website you’re sharing hosting with suffer from significant issues, you may see your own start to perform abnormally.


VPS Hosting

VPS stands for Virtual Private Server. While this system is similar to shared hosting, it involves the division of a main server into virtual servers, each of which is dedicated to an individual website. This doesn’t mean you gain all of the benefits that come with investing into dedicated server hosting because you still share the hardware, but it does mean you have root access to your own virtual space and, therefore, more control at server level.


Tunbridge Wells, Sevenoaks and Portsmouth clients who are still some way off investing into a dedicated server – and who aren’t too concerned with the impact of regular traffic spikes – should definitely consider the benefits of VPS hosting from Codingtank Ltd.


Dedicated Server Hosting

To have complete control over your hosting, there’s only option to consider; a dedicated server. Your website will be the only one stored on the server, which means you won’t suffer any impact from the performance of other websites sharing the same space. You also have root access to your virtual space and sufficient bandwidth to cope with expected levels of traffic, based on the server package being the one to meet your requirements.


Clients in Tunbridge Wells and the surrounding areas who want the best levels of security, control and performance usually opt for dedicated server hosting. While it is the most expensive option available, our service users definitely find they get what they pay for.


Cloud Hosting

A more recent innovation is cloud hosting. This involves a group of servers working together to host a set number of websites. The biggest advantage to cloud hosting is its ability to deal with huge spikes and extended periods of high-volume traffic. This is because the different servers connect together, shoulder the burden and allocate more memory where needed.


Some cloud hosting set-ups don’t offer root access and packages tend to be a little more expensive. Despite these small drawbacks, we’ve seen cloud hosting grow to become a popular choice with clients in Tunbridge Wells, Sevenoaks, Portsmouth and the UK.


Email Hosting

Another service offered by Codingtank Ltd is private email hosting. This key service provides individuals and businesses with private and personalised email addresses. It also ensures the content in personal or business communications stays secure and backed up. Free email websites (like Gmail or Outlook) work for some companies when they first start out but, as their businesses begin to scale, they soon learn why private email hosting is so crucial.


Internal communications will be more reliable and much faster. External communications will look more professional. Research shows that some website visitors, including those in the Tunbridge Wells area, have more trust in companies that have their own email domain.

Do you need web hosting or email hosting in Tunbridge Wells or any other UK location? Call 01892 539 370 for a simple set-up at an affordable price.

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