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Codingtank Ltd, located in Tunbridge Wells, has an extensive range of IT services available for private customers and commercial clients across the whole of the UK. Those living or working further afield have access to remote IT support while clients in the South of England receive a more personalised face-to-face service should they require it. We have the ability, the experience and the capacity to transform your personal and business productivity.


Portsmouth is a major service area for Codingtank Ltd. We already have many clients in this major Hampshire location who use us for IT support regularly. Popular solutions from our company include Office 365 support, email hosting and help with software development.


This page takes a closer look at these three key IT services.


Office 365

A more traditional IT support service will give you a limited amount of help with software but very companies specialise in one of Microsoft’s most widely-used programs. Codingtank Ltd is an approved Office 365 reseller and, because of our product links, we include software support in our wider range of IT services. This provides numerous benefits for our clients in the Portsmouth area, especially businesses that rely on Office 365 for their daily operations.


More than 120,000,000 businesses worldwide use Office 365 and many purchase directly from a reseller or a Microsoft Cloud Service Provider (CSP). With a cloud spend expected to exceed $141.2billion by 2019, there must be good reasons for users to purchase Office 365 from a reseller or a CSP instead of ordering directly from land-based or online retailers.


We personally think the biggest reason is IT support. Purchase Office 365 from Codingtank Ltd and, when you have software installation or integration issues, we travel to Portsmouth and meet with you personally instead of leaving you to find the answers you need online.


Our personable approach to IT services makes us more than Office 365 specialists. It also makes us a friendly face that keeps your business operational even when difficulties arise.


Email Hosting

If you trade as a start-up in the Portsmouth area, you’ll already know how difficult it is to build trust with new clients. If you run a business online, you can’t build a list or expect to sell a product unless you present yourself professionally. Email hosting is one of the most important investments for a start-up. The use of your own domain, and actively paying for email hosting, shows you take your business seriously and expect others to do the same.


Would you want to buy from a company that markets IT services using a public webmail address, or pay for IT support from a business that can’t even host its own domain?


Email hosting also provides more security benefits that a public webmail service:


  • Integrated spam and virus protection to keep your business safe from attack
  • Shared address books for better communications across the entire company
  • Secure webmail access on multiple platforms to access email hosting remotely
  • 128-bit encryption and security features to prevent issues with interception
  • IMAP and POP access allows use of email hosting account on desktop clients


If you run an established company in Portsmouth but rely on an email hosting package you don’t really understand, it could be worth making the switch to Codingtank Ltd. We promise to have your domain running securely on our own servers quickly, and to provide the IT support needed to keep you, your personnel and your clients in touch with each other.


We also include shared, dedicated, VPS and cloud web hosting in our range of IT services.


Software Development

Software development is a process where developers code a standalone program using a specific language. Interrelated code is the backbone of the software’s functionality. Some companies and organisations need a certain type of software to help run their businesses more efficiently, or to network one piece of software alongside another in correlation.


Most of our clients in the Portsmouth area use software in their day-to-day operations but some need something more specific and run their own software development projects.


Those who do run projects rely on our IT services for bringing them over the line on time.


Codingtank Ltd uses iterative logical processes to create coded and programmed software with a unique goal or objective. This is the heartbeat of software development, and a form of IT support that we apply in steps and stages up to the point of completion and beyond.


Software development includes the following steps and stages:


  • Initial Research
  • Data Flow Design
  • Process Flow Design
  • Flow Charts
  • Technical Spec
  • Documentation
  • Software Testing
  • Software Debugging


If you would like support with a software development project in Portsmouth, or if you require back-up IT services to meet a timescale, please contact us on our usual number.

Call 01892 539 370 to arrange IT services and IT support in Portsmouth. We specialise in Office 365, email hosting and software development on a nationwide scale.

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IT Services in Portsmouth | Local and Regional Specialists