Software Development in Tunbridge Wells | Overcoming Challenges

When searching for a software development company to create a bespoke program that will streamline your company’s processes, it’s important to do your homework. To begin with, you need to find IT consultants who are aware of the different challenges that arise in the field of software development, and who have solid track records of overcoming them to deliver a finished product that stimulates, excites and engages at every conceivable level.


Codingtank Ltd, located in Tunbridge Wells, ticks all of these boxes and more.


Here, we discuss just a few of the reasons why software development can be tricky and why you should only assign work to experienced companies – not to a business start-up with a flashy website. Should you wish to discuss your software development needs, call our Tunbridge Wells office on 01892 539 370. We have a support team waiting to take your call.


Our company provides software development and IT services locally, in Sevenoaks, as far afield as Portsmouth and remotely to customers and clients throughout the UK.


Youthful Industry

While some industries date back thousands and thousands of years, such as building and construction, software development hasn’t been around that long. Innovation constantly changes the way things develop and new software often supersedes the previous version in record-breaking time. To be a successful software development company, you have to keep ahead of the game and always be ready to adapt to rapid changes inside the sector.


Any software development company in Tunbridge Wells, Sevenoaks, Portsmouth or the surrounding South East region that gets stuck in its ways won’t be around for too long.


Coding Pitfalls

Software is complicated and made up of countless lines of code. One tiny error within one tiny line of code could cause the software to fail completely. This is why attention to detail is so important within the software development sector. It’s important for IT consultants and developers to identify these mistakes and other potential issues well before launch day.


During the early design phase, when something isn’t working as intended, an experienced designer will know exactly what to check for and amend. Not all software development companies in Tunbridge Wells or the surrounding areas know what to look for in code.


In short, they don’t have the experience to find faults when working under pressure.


Lack of User Input

Research conducted by The Standish Group found the most challenging issue in software development is a lack of user input. The reason development companies lack this input is because users find themselves too busy to get involved in the project; either because of a disconnection between IT teams and user communities, or because the project takes place behind closed doors. There are many reasons for keeping a project hidden from the public.


The most effective software development companies figure out what end users want with minimal feedback and information. Even if there is solid user input, the company must still translate the many different needs and wants, which isn’t always possible or realistic.


At Codingtank Ltd, we get actively involved with user communities in Tunbridge Wells, Sevenoaks, Portsmouth and the surrounding areas to learn more about their expectations.


Scope Creep

Those who have worked in software development for any number of years might shudder at the mention of Scope Creep. Essentially, Scope Creep means to move the virtual goalposts mid-project through the addition of extra features or the removal of existing features – either from unforeseen operational circumstances or a need for more advanced capabilities.


While some software development companies shy away from these extra challenges and say it isn’t possible, Codingtank Ltd has built its reputation in Tunbridge Wells, the South East and across the UK by rising to the occasion and getting its projects over the line.


Inexperienced Developers

Programming is a specialist skill but isn’t too difficult to get into. Becoming a true master in software programming is a different proposition entirely. Almost anyone can get into the software development industry and call themselves a developer, especially with so many online courses available which, under scrutiny, tend to be at the bottom end of the sector.


We’ve encountered numerous IT consultants in Tunbridge Wells, Sevenoaks, Portsmouth and the South East who claim to be developers, but who only have the most basic of skills.


Choosing a developer with enough skill and experience to handle your project in the most professional manner is one of the most important considerations. Ask for a portfolio and demand examples of similar projects before making a final decision on the right candidate.


External Factors

There are, of course, many external factors that can affect a software development project. These include hardware limitations, national and international regulations, integration with other software and long-term scalability. Our company knows exactly what to keep an eye on, and how to compensate for these external factors before pushing the software live.


Sorting the issue out after release, while sometimes necessary, is often just a lazy excuse to finish a project and get paid. This is never an option for Codingtank Ltd. We treat our clients in Tunbridge Wells – and their software development projects – with absolute respect.

Our software development professionals welcome projects in Tunbridge Wells, Sevenoaks and across the UK. Call 01892 539 370 for practical help and advice.

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