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Laptop Repair Crowborough

IT Support Commercial

Helping a client with a Laptop Repair in Crowborough

Louse Sinclair CeMAP / Florence Mortgages
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Project Overview

Consultant Comments:

There was an issue with a Windows 10 update that kept trying to apply, would get halfway through, fail, and roll back.  This would process would take 1 to 2 hours every time.  I worked with Louise to make sure she had everything backed up on her second machine and, due to the sensitive nature of her files, helped her remove data from the laptop so I could take it away to diagnose.

The issue turned out to be an old driver that was causing the update to crash so after fixing that I was able to apply the latest Windows 10 release to the machine and apply all updates, returning the machine working again.

CodingTank will treat your data securely and in confidence whilst servicing your hardware, Louise’s position is fairly unique, due to being FCA Regulated she made the decision that she didn’t want to let the laptop out of her hands with any sensitive data on it. We were happy to work with her on this limitation and finding a compromise that meant she was not charged for time waiting for windows to update.

Laptop Repair Crowborough

Over the last month or so I‘ve had an issue with my Windows 10 laptop not being able to successfully run the latest Microsoft update.  This caused much wringing of hands and gnashing of teeth because whenever Windows tried to run the evil update it would take over my machine for over an hour and then cheerfully unload it all again, meanwhile I was unable to work.

I enlisted the help of the very lovely Bob Vale of CodingTank Ltd.  His patience knows no bounds and his calming voice on the end of the phone is just what the doctor ordered when your world has ended.  Okay, perhaps that is a little dramatic, but you know that feeling when your laptop will not work, particularly when your business depends on it…

Well, Bob cheerfully tried a couple of tricks available to him as a Microsoft ninja and when the evil laptop fought back Bob very calmly helped me to move everything to a spare laptop so that he could take my beast of a machine off to teach it some manners (and get the evil update done).

I can’t thank Bob enough for always being there, whether on the phone, on WhatsApp, or hopping onto my machine remotely to help me find where I had put the Outlook thingy and for ultimately restoring my evil laptop back to its more benign former state so that I can get off the spare and back to full speed.

Hurrah for Bob’s knowledge, expertise, and his deskside manner, I would use his service again and have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone in need of a general IT handyman or full IT support.  Apparently, he is pretty good at Coding too – whatever that is….

Simply in awe,

Louise Sinclair CeMAP

Florence Mortgages

Want this service?IT Support Commercial
Louse Sinclair CeMAP / Florence Mortgages
Louse Sinclair CeMAP / Florence Mortgages
Hurrah for Bob’s knowledge, expertise, and his deskside manner
Hurrah for Bob’s knowledge, expertise, and his deskside manner
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