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Software Development Tunbridge Wells

Software Development in Tunbridge Wells | Regional and Nationwide



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Our team of IT consultants has 20+ years’ of professional experience in database, middleware and application software development across a wide range of platforms.

CodingTank offers an extensive choice of IT services, all at affordable rates. Our professional clients live and work within a wide radius of Tunbridge Wells, including Sevenoaks, as well as Portsmouth. They benefit from our dedicated software development packages, tailored to tie in with timescales and budgets.

Before we undertake any software development project, we conduct extensive company research. It’s important to find out what will work best for your specific needs and how we can most effectively implement the process and deliver the final product.

Let's work together to create your idea and enhance your business.
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Key Benefits

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System Specification

We offer a modern and up-to-date range of customised client solutions. All clients have specific and unique needs and we will take the time to understand your requirements and ultimate goals.

Flawless Integration

It is vital that any new software or system integrates with existing systems and technology. We will ensure a seamless transition, looking at the whole picture to improve productivity.


Technology is constantly changing and evolving. CodingTank has access to and knowledge of new and emerging solutions. We can apply this cutting-edge technology across all platforms.

Business Efficiency

We recognise that all businesses have a need to streamline processes and enhance company and staff productivity. Our IT consultants will work with you to understand where efficiencies can be made.

Business Growth

Improved informational flow and efficient and effective systems can allow a business to grow. Bespoke software can allow your business to thrive.

Stages of Software Development

Have an idea or need to update your current systems? The CodingTank development team can help get your project from concept to completion.

The design and integration of software development packages is key to their successful implementation in business. You will be allocated a senior IT consultant from CodingTank to manage your project along with a qualified member of the IT services industry. Our satisfied clients in Tunbridge Wells, Sevenoaks, Portsmouth and the South East are testament to our software development services; they have seen their businesses grow and productivity improved.

Stages of Software Development:

This first stage is essential. We analyse the business and identify any problems to see where you need our assistance. We will only offer solutions that we believe will be beneficial to your business. If it isn’t broken, it doesn’t need fixing.


We spend time researching the company to determine the solution it needs. We have years of experience but if the results you need can’t be achieved from our software development arsenal, we will work it out.


This stage is our fact-finding mission. We gather technical requirements for the proposed solution, revising and tailoring plans we go – and keeping you in the costing and progress process at all times.

Design and Blueprint

Once we have all the information, have received your feedback and signed off on the desired outcome, we will refine the plan and design the blueprint for the software development. This is CodingTank’s favourite stage, ready to start developing.


Now the techy wizardry begins. Our IT support team supply the coding for the software and we get going with its implementation. You will know how we’re progressing and when we’ll be ready to unveil your new software.


The vital stage of testing begins. Before we let the new software loose on your live system, we will test, test and test again to make sure it fulfils your needs. If there’s anything that’s not quite right, we’ll work on it till it’s 100% right.


The grand unveiling. The software is deployed, performance is monitored and we’re on hand with helpdesk support. Our comprehensive service ensures your business will continue seamlessly and the only changes you’ll notice will be upturns in efficiency and productivity.

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