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Computer Repair Tunbridge Wells
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Need IT support at home...

Ever find things aren't quite working right, or your devices won’t do what you’re asking of them?

CodingTank is here to help. We are established IT consultants, centrally located in Tunbridge Wells. We cover the whole of the South East with personalised visits, as well as offering remote support countrywide. Our affordable IT support solutions are perfect for all systems, from a single computer to every device on your household network.

Don't panic! We are here to help support you with the following:
Data Services  Computer Repair Tunbridge Wells
Data Services
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Your home computer will have important files, precious documents and photos. We can offer you data hosting so you will never have to manually store files or other data on external drives. You remain in control of your files and can access them anytime and anywhere, from any location worldwide.

Booting Problems and OS Issues Tunbridge Wells
Booting Problems and OS Issues
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Sometimes computers just won’t switch on and you end up in a spiral of rebooting. CodingTank can fix this for you. We can also diagnose and remedy any issues you have with your operating system – no need to fear the dreaded Microsoft updates ever again!

System Upgrades and Computer Repair Tunbridge Wells
System Upgrades
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Computers don’t last forever, and technology is developing ever faster. When it’s time to upgrade your system, CodingTank can install and configure the new system and help you get the most from it.

Office 365 and Computer Repair Tunbridge Wells
Office 365
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As Microsoft Silver Partners, we can resell, repair, configure, install and fix the full range of Microsoft Office 365 software. We can advise on the best package for your needs, get you all set up and provide ongoing support with the Office suite.

Phone and MObiles Tunbridge Wells
Phones and Mobiles
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Whilst we don’t support or repair phones and mobiles, we can install and set up Office 365 and your email on your mobile phones. We can also help businesses enrol devices into Microsoft Intune mobile device management.

WIFi Network Tunbridge Wells
Wifi and Network
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We feel your frustration when your devices simply will not connect to your WiFi or network. Printers that can’t be found, devices that keep ‘dropping off’ … we’ve seen it all. We can help with connecting devices, extending your coverage and configuring your firewall. Let us sort your knotty problems for you.

Email and Hosting Tunbridge Wells
Email and Web Hosting
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We can host your emails for you. And we know that websites are not just for businesses – or perhaps you are self-employed and work from home. You need to host your website somewhere. CodingTank can do this as well as help set up your personalised website and email address.

Computer Repair Tunbridge Wells
Computer repair
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We are experts in all things computer and that includes repairs. Our love of computers started with taking them apart and putting them back together. So if you think yours is broken, contact us and we’ll see what we can do about fixing it. Go on, indulge us. Please.

More IT Services and Computer Repair Tunbridge Wells
and more... unfortunately not game consoles
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IT Support FAQ's Computer Repair Tunbridge Wells
Our most frequently asked questions.
IT Support Working Times Computer Repair Tunbridge Wells
Working Hours:
9:00AM - 6:00PM
What time slots do you provide?

Our work is charged in 30-minute blocks, with a minimum charge of one hour. We offer both a pay-as-you-go service and a retainer system that covers the time we are supporting you. Please contact us for more info.

What do you cover?

Desktops, laptops, business networks, family networks, computers that won’t start, computers that have run out of disk space, those that won’t connect to the internet… basically, if you have an issue with a computer or a network, give us a call. We don’t repair mobile phones or broken iPad screens.

What hours do you provide?

Our office hours are 9am – 6pm. If you contact us by phone outside of these hours, we can’t guarantee we will respond. We may be able to respond to emails and react to specific problems, but again we can’t guarantee it. If you require help out of hours, this can be booked specifically.

Do you service Macs?

We do have customers on Macs and we can support them – we may have to dust off our Mac knowledge a little, but we can help. We use PCs day in and day out and that is our real area of expertise, but we understand not everyone is the same!

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