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Domestic IT Support in Tunbridge Wells

IT Support Domestic

It Support for replacing a laptops hard drive with a Solid-State Drive

Pierre, Tunbridge Wells, Kent
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Project Overview

Consultant Comments:

Pierre contacted us because his laptop was getting slower and slower, much to his frustration. He was worried he’d have to buy a new one which was something he wanted to avoid. One quick look and we realised his laptop only had a hard drive, the type of drive found in older models. These can cause computers to run slowly. 

We always say that in its simplest form, you can think of a hard drive a bit like a record player. To read data, the disk needs to spin to the correct position and the head needs to move across the disk. This introduces a mechanical delay. Because modern operating systems tend to read and write a lot of data from all over the hard disk, the computer spends a lot of time waiting for the disk and heads to move into place. This slows down everything. 

By replacing the hard drive with a Solid-State Drive (SSD), we get rid of all the moving parts, dramatically speeding up the computer. It also comes with the bonus of consuming less power as it no longer needs to spin the disks.

Of course, there is a cost to fitting an SSD, but it’s nothing like the cost and hassle of buying and setting up a new system, and can save a lot of hardware from ending up in landfill or hanging around your cupboards. 

Pierre was delighted with the new lease of life we created for his laptop and is looking forward to many more years of usage.

IT Support Tunbridge Wells

“Bob really is the IT version of the handyman. My laptop was getting slower and slower, even though it wasn’t very old, and Bob patiently explained that it was due to the type of drive I had. He waved his magic wand – or, in his words, fitted an SSD – which apparently sped up the hard drive to do what it’s supposed to do. Now it zips along quite happily, a bit like me. Thank you, Bob, for your tech wizardry and keeping my laptop from being hurled across the room.”

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Pierre, Tunbridge Wells, Kent
Pierre, Tunbridge Wells, Kent
Tunbridge Wells
Tunbridge Wells
Domestic IT Support
Domestic IT Support
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