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Coding Tank Case Studies Quotes

Software Development for a Butchers in Kent

Software Development

Development of software for an ordering service

Southborough Butchers, Kent
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Project Overview

Consultant Comments:

As regular customers of our local butcher, we knew that at Christmas they were flooded with orders. Some of these got missed or duplicated and there was no real stock control. It was time to move Southborough Butchers away from their less-than-efficient paper methods and get them automated.

We developed an easy-to-use bespoke system that replaced their pens and paper and lost orders. Now, every Christmas, they take the orders, load them directly onto the system which then generates exactly what and how much of everything they need to order. This effectively eliminates any over ordering and waste. Additionally, the system works out when to cut the meat and exactly how to cut it, also preventing waste from spoiled or incorrectly portioned orders. 

Software Development Southborough Butchers

“People don’t always think of butchers as being techy and automated. We can tell ribeye from rump but not so much one end of a computer from the other. But as we got busier and busier every Christmas, we knew we needed to introduce some sort of system to keep on top of orders and prevent over ordering and therefore waste. 

Luckily, Bob from CodingTank was one of our regular customers and jumped at the challenge of dragging us in the 21st century. He developed an incredible ordering service that took us from 3 confusing handwritten lists that ended up with a lot of duplication to a simple system that dealt with ordering, quantities and even when and how to cut the meat.  CodingTank has saved us a lot of time, money and wasted meat.”

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Southborough Butchers, Kent
Southborough Butchers, Kent
CodingTank has saved us a lot of time, money and wasted meat.
CodingTank has saved us a lot of time, money and wasted meat.
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