IT Support in Sevenoaks | Service Benefits for Businesses

IT services play a pivotal role in the successful running of modern businesses. Codingtank Ltd covers the nearby Sevenoaks area with the best in local IT support. Situated in Tunbridge Wells, we also provide services across the South of England. For customers in the rest of the UK, we offer remote support in the form of dedicated helpdesks. Our 20+ years of combined sector experience makes Codingtank Ltd the reassuring IT choice for a diverse client base.


We supply all of the services you’d expect from traditional IT consultants including:


  • Web and Email Hosting
  • Office 365 Support
  • Software Development


Because we’re located a mere 20 minutes from Sevenoaks, Codingtank Ltd offers a choice of face-to-face or remote IT services. We provide IT support to private users, small businesses, large organisations, schools, colleges, universities and many other commercial end users.


This page explains the benefits of email hosting, Office 365 and software development.


Email Hosting

Imagine looking at the products or services of a company online, ideally one that you have never heard of or used before. The website looks professional, the product or service is exactly what you need and even the price is right. The only thing putting you off is the email address. How can any serious business still use a Gmail, Live or Outlook webmail client?


Now think of one of your own prospective clients coming across your website. Wouldn’t they feel just as suspicious about your credentials if an email address points to webmail?


At Codingtank Ltd, we take email hosting as seriously as you take your business. We have dedicated servers available just for hosting the email domains of clients in the Sevenoaks area. Using a company name as an email hosting domain sets a more professional standard for your business and inspires customers to use your products or services with confidence.


The benefits of email hosting include:


  • Use of 128-bit encryption to prevent data access even with email interception
  • Ample storage space for multiple email hosting accounts and email addresses
  • Integrated address books shared across the company for better communication
  • Spam and virus filters allow clients to send and open email with confidence
  • Configure easily to any desktop client, such as Outlook, with IMAP and POP
  • Flexible email hosting plans for sole traders, SMEs and even corporations
  • Exceptional uptimes to keep businesses in Sevenoaks online when it counts


Office 365 Support

Office 365 is a subscription-based productivity application that Codingtank Ltd enables over the internet for business clients in the Sevenoaks area. IT support services with Office 365 include the option to conference on Skype using free credits provided by our company, use of Exchange Online as an email hosting client and OneDrive for online business data storage.


We’re about so much more than IT services. Codingtank Ltd is an approved Office 365 CSP reseller. This means the IT support you need for Office 365 comes as part of the package.


Business subscribers in Sevenoaks can use Office 365 on 5 different computers, 5 tablets and 5 smartphones or handheld devices. You will need an internet connection to install the software and to activate your plan but in terms of productivity, Office 365 still provides the offline services you’ll already be familiar with from the popular desktop version of Office.


The benefits of Office 365 include:


  • Cloud storage to keep applications up and running even when disaster strikes
  • In-built security and legislative compliance makes Office 365 safe for data storage
  • Work remotely without any configuration needed to update over all devices
  • Manage meetings, company email and contacts with perfect synchronicity
  • Flexible monthly billing that lets you add or remove users without a locked contract
  • Mailbox storage of up to 50GB under one license for use on a companywide basis


Software Development

IT support services from Codingtank Ltd include software development. Some of our clients in Sevenoaks need more functionality than that provided by an off-the-shelf product while others need to produce software to keep their own clients engaged. Unfortunately, most businesses don’t have the personnel in place to run their software development projects.


This is where Codingtank Ltd steps in to help.


Software development is one of our specialist IT services. Our consultants code software in a full complement of languages to deliver a functional end product that inspires. Whether you want to run your own business more efficiently or need to make things easier for your own customers and clients in Sevenoaks, software development is the key to success.


The benefits of software development include:


  • Complete security and confidentiality over sensitive and proprietary information
  • Reduction in start-up costs, project management and infrastructure costs
  • Continue running your day-today operations while we take care of the project
  • Immediate increase in skills with experienced software development specialists
  • Meeting scheduled timescales with room to spare without exceeding budget
  • Dedicated services for sole traders, small businesses, organisations and authorities

Call 01892 539 370 to arrange IT services and IT support in Sevenoaks. We specialise in Office 365, email hosting and software development on a nationwide scale.

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IT Support in Sevenoaks | Service Benefits for Businesses