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At Codingtank Ltd, we pride ourselves on the professional delivery of innovative software development solutions for customers and clients in Tunbridge Wells, the South East and even nationwide. We have a team of IT consultants with 20+ years of combined experience in database, middleware and application development over a wide range of platforms.


Our company offers a diverse choice of IT services at affordable rates. We help clients within a wide radius of Tunbridge Wells, including those in Sevenoaks and Portsmouth, to benefit from dedicated software development packages which tie in with timescales and budgets.


Software Development Services

  • System Specification – A modern range of customised client solutions
  • Flawless Integration – Integration with other systems and technology
  • Innovation – New solutions with advanced technology across all platforms
  • Business Efficiency – Enhanced company and personnel productivity
  • Business Growth – Improved informational flow across the business


The benefits above are just a few examples of what software development brings to you.


Unrivalled in expertise and experience, the operational capabilities of the IT consultants at Codingtank Ltd prove invaluable for local, regional and nationwide companies. We help to maximise potential while enhancing efficiency and productivity. We provide onsite IT services for clients close to Tunbridge Wells, which we always tailor to their specific needs.


We have clients in Sevenoaks, Portsmouth and many similar South East locations.


Ahead of any software development project, we conduct extensive company research to find out what will work best and how we can implement things to finalise the product.


Our IT services come in the form of hassle-free solutions, specifically developed to assist UK businesses. We fully integrate the software we’ve developed into existing systems with a keen eye on advances in technology so that the transition stays seamless. If you require ongoing IT support after software implementation, we have a remote helpdesk available.


It is our role to help companies in Tunbridge Wells, and those across the United Kingdom, with fully-managed IT services and support, always whilst overseeing the transition from a former product to an innovative new solution through our software development experts.


Stages of Software Development

  1. Analysing the problem to see where the client needs our assistance
  2. Researching the company to determine the solution it needs
  3. Gathering technical requirements for the proposed solution
  4. Refining the plan and designing a blueprint for software development
  5. Implementation of coding into the software from our IT support team
  6. Testing the software to make sure it fulfils the needs of the client
  7. Deployment of the software, performance monitoring and helpdesk support


The design and integration of software development packages fall under the supervision of a senior IT consultant from Codingtank, and a qualified member of the IT services industry. Satisfied clients in Tunbridge Wells, Sevenoaks, Portsmouth and the South East recommend our software development services because they grow businesses and improve productivity.


Please feel free to contact us for references. Ask for a free quotation today and see how Codingtank Ltd can supply the software development assistance your company needs. We also provide practical help and advice on website, document storage and email hosting.

Codingtank Ltd provides software development services in Tunbridge Wells, Sevenoaks, Portsmouth and nationwide. Call us on 01892 539 370.

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