DNS, Website and Email Hosting in Tunbridge Wells

Codingtank Ltd is a company of IT consultants located in Tunbridge Wells. We already have a sizeable client base in our home town which uses us for our comprehensive IT services and for professional IT support. Our team specialises in software development, computer repairs and system services which enhance personal productivity and business efficiency. We are also approved Office 365 resellers with a choice of configuration and installation services.


Codingtank also excels in hosting where we specialise in four areas:


  • Web Hosting
  • DNS Hosting
  • Email Hosting
  • Virtual Server Hosting


This page offers information on what these services entail and explains how Codingtank Ltd helps its clients to fulfil their hosting requirements through dedicated IT support.


Web Hosting

Web hosting service is an internet hosting service that allows individuals and organisations to make their website accessible to internet users. Web hosting companies like our own provide server space which our Tunbridge Wells clients lease. The host also provides data back-up space and connectivity to the internet for other servers located in their data centre.


We refer to this as colocation.


The IT consultants at our company have more than 20 years of experience in the fields of IT services and IT support. Codingtank has amassed knowledge and experience of the internet since its very first days, and applies expertise in all of its web, DNS, virtual server and email hosting packages. We act as a remote hosting server for clients across the UK as well as those in Tunbridge Wells, and offer them support in the form of innovative IT solutions.


These solutions include software development, support for office 365 and computer repair, either for hardware (the physical parts of a computer system) or for software (programs).


DNS Hosting

DNS is an acronym of Domain Name System. At Codingtank, we have full DNS server hosting capabilities. A domain name system is part of an internet protocol hierarchy, and translates memorable domain names (such as www.codingtank.uk or whatever your own web address might be) into numerical IP addresses. The http:// part of a web address is transfer protocol.


The numerical IP address locates and identifies services or devices within the underlying network protocol. A Domain Name System is, in effect, a global directory and an integral part of the internet that makes it functional. Arrange DNS hosting for any company in Tunbridge Wells, or across the UK, by calling 01892 539 370 for personalised IT support.


Codingtank Ltd also helps you to customise operations and to tailor business efficiency with software development packages, integration for Office 365 and computer repairs.


Email Hosting

Similar to DNS hosting, email hosting is another important addition to our comprehensive range of IT services. IT consultants from our company provide clients in Tunbridge Wells with email addresses which reinforce their presence in front of the world. Personalised email hosting domains make a professional first impression on your potential clients. A domain reinforces your credentials in much the same way as a well-written testimonial.


Our low-cost email hosting is also a popular choice with domestic customers in Tunbridge Wells. It allows them to have fun, unique addresses for their personal communications.


Email hosting is one of the many solutions Codingtank provides as part of its comprehensive range of IT services. IT support services includes software development and anything related to Office 365. We also offer a traditional range of computer repair services for all brands.


Virtual Server Hosting

Today, the “Cloud” plays an important role in the everyday lives of your clients in one form or another. Codingtank has virtual server hosting solutions available for your Tunbridge Wells business. Virtual servers are similar to, but not exactly the same as, the Cloud. The most significant difference between the two is that a Virtual Private Server doesn’t have as many users per box so clients benefit from more control over their part of the server.


Also, a Virtual Private Server is much less expensive than a Cloud made solely for use with your business. This makes virtual server hosting one of the most competitively-priced IT services we have available, and one for which we provide ongoing helpdesk IT support.


Combine DNS, web or email hosting with other services from our IT consultants. Let us help with your software development needs, repair your computer or rectify issues with an Office 365 package. We cover Tunbridge Wells as a one-stop shop for all IT services.

For hosting services, IT support or software development in Tunbridge Wells, call Codingtank Ltd on 01892 539 370.

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DNS, Website and Email Hosting in Tunbridge Wells