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There are many good reasons for companies in Tunbridge Wells, and for those in the South East, to outsource their IT work to Codingtank Ltd. We deliver first-class IT services and IT support as one of the region’s most trusted service providers. If you need an IT consultant with a proven track record and the ability to provide more benefits than most competing companies in the area, please call us today on our usual number of 01892 539 370.


In this blog post, we discuss some of the more significant benefits our customers receive. We provide IT services on a face-to-face basis in nearby areas such as Sevenoaks and even as far afield as Portsmouth. We also offer helpdesk IT support to clients across the UK.


Here are just a few of the many advantages to using our IT consultants:


Controlling Costs

Hiring personnel and training your own team to provide IT services and IT support in-house is expensive. What’s more, even though having onsite IT consultants on hand all the time is undoubtedly useful, you’ll probably find you don’t need them often enough to warrant the additional expenditure. Outsource your IT requirements to Codingtank Ltd, located in Tunbridge Wells, and save enough money to significantly improve those important margins.


With an outsourced IT consultant, you only pay for the IT services and the IT support you require, and never have to find wages each month for personnel you rarely use.


Qualification vs Experience

Having covered the South East area and the UK as IT consultants with more than 20 years of combined experience, there’s very little we haven’t had to deal with at one time or another. Nothing ever surprises us, and we have sufficient experience to offer IT services and IT support to those suffering from some of the rarest issues. Our IT consultants happily travel from Tunbridge Wells to Sevenoaks, to Portsmouth and to other areas to offer support.


While most in-house IT consultants are more than qualified to deal with the more common issues you’ll encounter, rarer problems may stump them. It’s unlikely they’ll have enough experience to deal with the hardware and software issues we work with on a daily basis.


Managing Risk

Some businesses in Tunbridge Wells and the South East area use tech-savvy employees from other departments inside their companies to deal with IT work. While a knowledgeable employee is most certainly an asset for those run-of-the-mill issues, such as dealing with a jammed printer or a dropped internet connection, what would happen in a more high-risk situation? What if an entire network went down or hackers gained access to your data?


It couldn’t be more important to have the right IT services and IT support available when you need to protect your business. In this respect, working with an external IT consultant is an effective form of risk management and much safer than relying on a company employee.


Technical Knowledge

The point above only applies to emergency situations, such as when your internet service goes down or if you think you’ve lost valuable data. An IT services and IT support company can also help in more ordinary situations, especially when installing and explaining new hardware or software, or helping you to increase your current system’s security protocol.


Codingtank Ltd also helps in making sure you comply with the increasing number of UK regulations governing IT-related systems. Having a skilled IT consultant available to visit you in Tunbridge Wells, Sevenoaks, Portsmouth or the South East really proves invaluable.


Whatever the time and whatever your needs, we promise to never let you down.

If you need IT services or IT support in Tunbridge Wells or the surrounding South East region, pick up the phone and call 01892 539 370.

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